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Isabelita Manundo-Santos

Isabelita Santos is a Consultant for Education in the Division of City Schools in Manila.

She finished her Bachelor of Science in Education from the Philippine Normal University as one of the top ten BSEE graduates in 1962. She earned her MasterÔÇÖs degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and Ed. D. in Educational Management from the University of the Philippines.

Her teaching profession is marked by experiences as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal, assistant schools division superintendent, lecturer and consultant of various educational programs and projects in the Division of City Schools in Manila.

Her work in various positions have earned her recognition as an Outstanding Teacher by the Department of Education in Manila, an Outstanding Demonstration Principal by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines, an Outstanding Educator by the Philippine Normal University Department of Education in Manila, and various plaques of Commendation from parents, academic supervisors, and non-teaching personnel through the Department of Education in Manila.

She is a co-author of textbooks and workbooks in Reading, Language and Science for Elementary schools and English for secondary schools.

Books by Isabelita Manundo-Santos

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