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Saint Matthew’s Publishing Corporation was founded in 1989 by the late Vicente C. Catabijan, Jr., who subsequently passed ownership to his eldest son, Raymund S. Catabijan, and to the latter’s wife, Isabel Diaz-Catabijan, in 1994. Their vision was to produce books that will contribute to the relevant fundamental education of preschoolers.

Saint Matthew’s first publication was a set of books covering all subjects in the Kindergarten level. Each book came with a comprehensive teachers’ guide—an innovative feature at that time—that helped provide a different kind of learning experience, one that was on par with the most avant-garde classrooms around the world. These books were quickly adopted by schools in the whole Division of Manila in 1990. Now, more than 20 years thereafter, the Division of Manila remains to be one of our top clients.

With this first success, the company began to publish books in all preschool levels and in all subject areas. After just a short span of time, STMPC’s valued clients now include schools from almost all Department of Education Divisions of the National Capital Region as well as from major provinces and cities nationwide.

Various learning institutions all over the country, from home- and community-based learning centers to outstanding big schools and laboratory schools, have the books of Saint Matthew’s Publishing in the hands of their students and teachers. These continued and growing support provide further testament to the quality of our books and to their groundbreaking features.

Our books are marked by their freshness, comprehensiveness, progressive ideas, and sheer perfectionism. The company continues to serve educational institutions that cater to early learners and has expanded to the elementary school levels. Saint Matthew’s Publishing is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of educational publishing.

To better serve its growing clientele, the company was incorporated in April 2009. Under the guidance of its president, Raymund S. Catabijan, Saint Matthew’s Publishing Corporation continues its legacy of being your partner in nurturing young minds.

Learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience for children. Here at Saint Matthew's Publishing Corporation, we create instructional materials that capture our young learners' imagination and spark their interest in learning. More than just being fun materials to work with, they provide effective content that teachers also find a joy to use.

— Raymund Catabijan – President

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