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About Us

Mission / Vision


Mission Statement

As a company, Saint Matthew’s Publishing Corporation values commitment to excellence in Education. Our people share a common passion in delivering quality educational books, trainings and instructional materials for learners of all ages. Our team joins the talents of distinguished academicians who create effective content for our materials and young blood who strive to innovate and offer fresh perspectives on the delivery of education.

Company Vision

Saint Matthew’s Publishing Corporation envisions itself as the primary provider of effective and innovative solutions to the delivery of education for young learners.

Business goals and objectives

  • To enrich students’ learning experience by producing quality educational books
  • To assist educators in creating a teaching program most conducive and effective to learning by providing supplementary and instructional materials
  • To cater to the continuing learning and skills improvement of educators by providing trainings and workshops in classroom management and skills enhancement


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
Learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience for children. Here at Saint Matthew's Publishing Corporation, we create instructional materials that capture our young learners' imagination and spark their interest in learning. More than just being fun materials to work with, they provide effective content that teachers also find a joy to use.

— Raymund Catabijan – President

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