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Valerie Cruz Tapalla

Valerie Cruz Tapalla, daughter of Wilma Cruz-Tapalla, is the co-author of two books, “Public Speaking & Personality Development” and “Public Speaking & Professional Etiquette.” She is presently the Managing Director of the Wilma Cruz-Tapalla Institute of Speech, Etiquette & Image.

She handles hundreds of seminars, workshops and print-media interviews on speech, etiquette, and image. Her inspired concept of voice speech and movement workout before a presentation has sparked national interest among students, salesmen, teachers, speakers, coaches, and business people to get rid of their fears and inhibitions and to help them perform with energy, presence, and dynamism.

Valerie finished Hotel and Restaurant Management and International Business Studies in England. She is the first Filipino licensed and trained by Peter Post of the prestigious Emily Post Institute of Vermont.

Her coaches include Syndi Seid, Director of Advance School of Etiquette in San Francisco, and Rosa McLeish of the New York School of Etiquette and Protocol for Children. She is also an Associate member of the Association of Image Consultants International, New York City.

Books by Valerie Cruz Tapalla

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    A collection of games, icebreakers, ideas for the classroom and beyond! Teachers, speakers and coaches will find it a joy to go through the various activities of this fun-filled guide.

    Valerie Cruz Tapalla

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